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Tangling to Unwind.

Hello!  I’m new to tangling and this is my online album.  I feel super energized to participate in The Diva’s weekly challenges (She’s RAD), and post all my new tangles/ZIA here.   I love the way tangling makes me feel.  There’s no pressure.  I actually feel myself unwinding, almost as though strands of tension in my body are loosening, unraveling, and knitting themselves into something new and beautiful on the paper before me.

This is ZIA Card that I made for a friend, and it just happens that it works super well with the Diva’s Weekly Challenge this week!



While I was searching for strings I found one I liked, which came from The Bright Owl’s Zendala Dare series  You can find that exact dare  HERE.  The Bright Owl is also amazing.  I absolutely love all her designs and challenges.  I’m still exploring her blog.  I totally want to try all her dares past and present.  I’m going to be tangling my heart out!

One more thing I wanted to make note of is my use of Rick’s Paradox in the Zendala.  Once I had my pattern my very first decision was to use Rick’s Paradox, and went ahead and plugged it in those 4 boxes right off the get go.  When I did another  search for  Zendala strings I found this beautiful tangle by Tangle With Linda.  Look at where her paradoxes are!  NEAT.  At this point I can’t be sure I didn’t see her Zendala first and then unwittingly plant the same pattern in, or if it was a coincidence.  Anyway her tangle is gorgeous.  I love the greens.

Happy Creating!


9 thoughts on “Tangling to Unwind.

    • Cheers! I am really glad I picked up a bunch of these when they were on discount, because it is a really fun way to get in a tangle and send someone an original thank you or birthday card! It’s neat to see how the image changes when the frame is lifted These cards are white inside but the cover is sort of a pale grey-green. It goes awesome with the purple ink.

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